The Shade Store (TSS/ Rollease) vs Somfy support?

Last year I moved home and am now in the process of remodeling. About to buy some motorized shades for my bedroom and am pleased I might once again have some devices for my Bond again which has been collecting dust for a while.

The Shade Store are really pushing me to buy their propriety “TSS” motor and hubv(seemingly a rebadged Rollease), though Somfy is an option (and I used Bond successfully with a Somfy at my old apartment though back then I don’t think it was officially supported). At this stage (pre-measuring and final quote generation), they won’t/ can’t tell me more about either motor except the Somfy is ‘more expensive’

Before I make the purchase, my 2 questions are:

  1. It seems like as of very recently, Bond now officially supports Rollease. Does anyone have The Shade Store-branded variant working, please? I don’t want to assume it’s precisely the same device with a different decal and end up making an expensive mistake…

  2. Are all Somfy remotes created equal? That is, does Bond work with all Somfy remotes for conventional domestic shades? The remote looks just like (or very similar to) my last one.

The Bond Supported Devices page seems to be down so that’s not much use right now…

Thank you!!

Should work fine. Select “Rollease” option during setup.

Somfy seems to be very consistent with their remote control protocol. RTS is RTS. I do not know of any Somfy RTS motors in the USA market which do not work with Bond Bridge.


Fantastic, thank you. Looking forward to getting my Bond out of cold storage and putting it to good use again!