Simu remote for roller shutters

I have windows shutters controlled by old Simu remote (made in France)
Bond Bridge doesn’t seem to recognise it. Is it rolling code or what?
I really want to be able to control my shutters from Bond, because I made a mistake of buying only one remote for all my shatters (supports up to 5). But that’s extremely inconvenient :sob:


I’m afraid it’s rolling code…

Can Bond app when learning a new control at least detect the rolling code and inform the user


The code only rolls between transmissions, rather than being an intrinsic property of the transmission we record.

I think we can handle this better through compatibility lists/reports.

EDIT: Does it happen to be powered-by-Somfy? (You can just try Somfy and see if it works?)

I understand how rolling code works. But when I try to pair my remote with Bond and keep pressing same button - and Bond is getting different code every time (expecting a single button) - than it’s trivial to inform the user that it’s a rolling code remote.

I can try Somfy, but I doubdt. And with Somfy - do you support rolling code?

Yes, we support Somfy RTS. We’ve got thousands of users there. (And very often there are third party brands that are RTS under the hood.)

Thanks for the suggestion for detecting rolling codes. Unfortunate it cannot work in practice. Some remotes have “non-coding” portions of the signal that change every time but the receiver ignores them.

These remotes are like biodiversity… it seems every combination of signal and feature mutations are extant in one species or another! I think we will ultimately need to get semi-automated feedback about which remotes are working and which do not, to help build a compatibility list.

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Thank you Chris, you are a genius! I was suffering for 15 years! I love you.

And I didn’t know it had “Preset” position.

You know what I was going to do to automate them?

  1. Buy extra remotes for each room, open them and solder the buttons to Raspberry Pi I/O.
  2. Install reed sensors in the "Preset: position and also wire them to Raspberry Pi I/O.

Now problem solved!

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We love you too, Alex. You’re opening up a whole new community to Bond, and we are grateful for that!

I think we need to make it more clear in the setup flow that it’s not just “Somfy” brand, but also “Simu” and a few others which are very likely to work with the “Somfy” protocol. – Added to our short-term roadmap here.


Now I can close my shutters to preset position automatically on a hot day, yay :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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I have a simu remote as well here in Australia controlling an AS30 motor for my ZipTrak external blind. I also have some Somfy motors for my internal roller blinds, so will give their Somfy studio remote a try to control my external blind as well.

I’d be interested to hear when / if this becomes available on a Bond Bridge as mine is currently on it’s way.


What exactly becomes available?

Looks like I misread @merck 's post and it is only the instructions he was talking about. Reading his post and your’s again, do you mean you not only got the simu linked motor to work with a Somfy remote but also bond, using the Somfy protocol?

Yeah, looks like Simu use Somfy protocol and Bond supports Somfy. I’m happy! I can now close my windows shutters automatically if hot day is expected.


Now I can too!! Received my Bond Bridge today and in no time at all setup 6 indoor Somfy roller blinds plus 1 external Roller that has the Simu remote. Great setup experience, very happy.


Awesome. Thanks for the feedback. We don’t know if it will work until you try it, as we cannot buy every model/brand of shade. So this feedback is invaluable to the community!


Just to confirm: works on a European Simu installation consisting of 4 outdoor sun screens with the Simu Mobile Hz 5C remote control (reference/part number 2008798) and 4 Simu T5 Hz 8/17 Motors, operating at 433.42 MHz.


Thanks for the info, @tijmenvdk. Did you set up as Somfy RTS (template=RMS12 in device advanced settings?), or did you manually record both Open/Close buttons?

Well… it does say RMS12 under template in device advanced settings. The app guided me to push the “Prog” button under the remote’s cover for each of the 4 sun screens as I recall. Does that answer your question?

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It does, thanks! So that tells us that the “Simu” remotes you have use the RTS protocol.