Confirming Bond Pro works with TSS shades

Has anyone actually confirmed that the Bond Pro hub works with TSS-based (The Shade Store) shades? Given all the negative reviews of their wireless hub this seems like a better solution.

Also, if you use this hub will their native TSS app work or will you need to configure automation in another way?

I saw another thread on this here but the best that people had was it “should” work if you select Rollease: The Shade Store (TSS/ Rollease) vs Somfy support?

hi there. I was the author of the post you linked; like you, I was also a little concerned about the ‘should’ nature of the reply (though since it came from @merck that was reassuring).

I’ve actually just ordered my blinds; had intended to go with a Somy motor because I’m familiar with the controls, had it working successfully with Bond, and there was a negligible price difference vs TSS (something like +$25).

However, the sales assistant tells me that the Somfy motor would add bulk to the shade, which was a no-no with my interior designer/ boss (my wife) so we’ve gone with the TSS one, without their hub, intending to use our Bond (non-pro version).

So, unless someone responds to this post to definitively confirm that it does indeed work with the TSS variant of Rollease controls, I guess I’ll play guinea pig and will come back here with an update around the end of October…

Crossing my fingers for you.

Random question…are you using a Mesh system (we have Google Wifi and I’m also concerned about all the issues with these blended 2.4/5ghz wifi’s)?

actually I switched off that 2.4/5ghz SSID sharing right when I got my current router… can’t remember why but I hated it…

Google Wifi sadly doesn’t let you control that. I guess I could buy a dedicated 2.4ghz router to also run (though that’s going to bathe my house in interference).

It’s a firm “should” :wink: as far as I am aware, TSS is identical technology to Rollease’s own motors. We have many customers happily using the Rollease tech, just cannot tell atm how many are branded as TSS.

@merck are there any caveats to regular Bridges with Rollease (regardless of if branded as TSS)?

This post seems to indicate Rollease support is included in both Bridge and Bridge Pro, but wanted to confirm.

Pro supports simultaneous movements of groups (and soon, battery level feedback).

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Happy to report that my shades from The Shade Store were installed today and seem to be working just fine with my non-Pro Bond! (Run the Rollease Acmeda setup)

A couple of things:

  • So far, I haven’t yet tried (or figured out how) to control each of my two shades separately… I guess I probably need to configure as 3 different devices - one for each channel and then one for both

  • Through the Google Home integration, it doesn’t seem like I can configure a ‘hold’ function like I could/ did with the Somfy ‘My’ button. I tried to manually record remote button presses and although the Bond light went green, it couldn’t control the shades

  • Because I was unfamiliar with this brand new remote, when doing the setup it took me a moment or two to realize that the “P2” button you have to press is located under the battery cover. So now you know!

Good luck!


Thanks for the update! My shades install Wednesday and my Bond Pro is sitting waiting to control them…so this is very good news. I effectively have 3 sets of shades to pair with.

Two questions…when you pair it do you pair to the remote or to the shades themselves (since apparently you can pair to either per TSS instructions)? Also when you say “Hold” do you mean a way to customize where it stops (vs just all the way up or all the way down)?

For what it’s worth, as many complained I could never get TSS Link v2 Hub to connect properly (tried about 50 times with phones, iPad, etc) so I’m glad to hear this is a functional path.

To answer your second question first… Yeah, by hold I’m talking about stopping the shade in a position of my choosing (rather than fully opened or closed). In the Alexa app it shows some kind of slider which I thought would do the trick, but it doesn’t seem to work (but it’s bedtime and I’m trying not to piss off my wife and sleeping baby, so I’m going to pause on that for now…)

I don’t really know how to answer your first question… I just followed the Bond app’s setup instructions which involved pressing a button on the remote… So “pair to the remote” I guess?

You said “since apparently you can pair to either per TSS instructions” - is that something you’ve seen or were you trying to interpret what I was saying about manual pairing? If it’s something you’ve seen, do you mind please pointing me towards that? I’d be keen to investigate


See Page 8 of their setup instructions:

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You can make Groups, but they will move sequentially with the non-Pro Bridge.

Right, no “Hold”. However, you can do position setting. Even better?

Hey Google, set Salon Shades to 42%.

You tap the P2 button on the existing remote, but what actually happens is that the motor goes into a learning mode where it accepts a new address from the virtual remote control inside the Bond Bridge. So technically we are pairing the Bridge to the motor.


that would be even better… but I just tried to set [salon shades] to 50% and the Google assistant cheerily told me ‘Sorry, [salon shades] can only be opened or closed all the way’…

@Mahhhky :thinking: checking here, I see that we actually only support the slider (set position) feature on Bond Bridge Pro. Sorry!

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