How do you control two Somfy (Sunsetter) awnings at the same time?

I have two Sunsetter awings side by side. I can control both using the Somfy remote, but not with the Bond Home app. What do I need to do to use the Bond Somfy Shades app do control both at the same time? Also, any news on having Awnings added to the app and reversing the Open/Close controls to work correctly? Thanks.

Not sure if Somfy awnings are exactly like the Somfy shades in the way Groups are handled, but a Bond team member explained here that pairing Bond Bridge and the Somfy with the group-controlling button / remote originally is what allows those to work?

Had the same issue with 5 Sunsetter outdoor shades, 3 on east and 2 on south windows all with somfy motors and 5 channel controllers.
After trying first to bring all 5 controllers into bond I discovered that they would run within groups east and south not synchronously as they would run as group on the somfy grouped controller. So I tried the respective group channel to bring into bond and just the respective 2 controllers will work now each set operating simultaneously.