Question about setting up an awning in Bond

I just moved into a home that currently has two awnings with Somfy Inteo Wind Eolis receivers set up on them (along with the wind sensor on the roof).

I guess I don’t know a ton about awnings, but does this normally have a remote set up for it, or is this only for wind protection?

The previous owner didn’t leave any remotes, so I was hoping that I could get the Bond bridge and just set these up through there, without having to purchase a remote for setup. I’d imagine that if this is only for wind, there still must be some way to remotely open/close the awning.

Currently, having to manually open/close these things take forever!

I think the Bond staff typically need some kind of model / FCC ID to provide a firm answer, but maybe there are other users here who may have set these up already? And I expect that may be hard without the remote…

I have Somfy motors in my awnings that I have setup in Bond, but they are not the same one’s you have quoted. So hopefully they will be possible to setup with Bond…Actually, now that I think about it, that may be hard without the remote. You typically need the remote to pair the devices to Bond. Hmmm… Maybe you will need to purchase a remote for the awnings first…

Yeah, that was kinda what I was thinking. I think I saw a generic one that was like $30 on Amazon that I might just buy so that I can get it into bond.

For any Bond staff possibly seeing this, the FCC ID is DWNEOLIS and the model I think, is 1816075.

Attached is what it looks like.

Again, I’m not even sure if this is strictly just for wind control and has no remote, as the remote function might be in the awning itself. I just don’t know enough about these things.

@MReprogle This should work fine with Bond Bridge, even without any existing Somfy Telis remote.

You will need to:

  1. Set up a “Somfy Awning” in the Bond Home app.
  2. Skip past the screen where it tells you to use your existing Somfy remote to get the ELIOS into pair mode. Instead, use the instructions from the ELIOS manual (below).
  3. When you get to the “Pair” screen with the Pair button, use the Pair button on-screen for step 3 in the ELIOS setup instructions.