Somfy awning.. reverse?

It works perfectly, the only thing is “open” closes the awning and closed opens the awning, like windows but awnings should be the opposite? Any fix?

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Sunsetter awning with Somfy remote thread had some people with some success via various ways of addressing this.

Unfortunately they did not. It doesn’t work on awnings, however this can be easily fixed on bonds end

So if you don’t have an intermediary controller like the last posts in that thread, I assume that means you are using Bond directly (also maybe with first-party Bond integration with home / voice assistant[s]).

@merck - is there a roadmap for maybe having directions reversible in app / API, and/or having an Awning type device that defaults the reverse settings of normal Somfy setup?

I’m using homebridge

Since I don’t yet have ANY of the setup you or @bdraco have (Home Assistant, HomeLink, HomeBridge, Somfy-based awnings), I am not super useful.
Just wondering if HomeBridge can have a template override similar to what BDraco did for HomeAssistant?

FYI we have planned an “awning” device type which will invert the open/closed at the level of the Bond firmware. Indeed the opposite signals need to be transmitted!


Great - new user here and just ran in to this issue on my first Somfy device.

FWIW, controls are reversed on Glydea Ultra motorized drapes too, not just awnings.

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Just to let you know how we plan to handle this: we seek to do “the right thing” by default, which for awnings will mean inverting the signals. However, for the few devices out there which go against the grain, we will allow tweaking this in the advanced settings.

What I don’t know is, whether most Somfy RTS drapes are reversed. That info would help is use the right default. Question for @zing and anyone else with RTS drapes: when you hit the “up” button on the remote, do the drapes OPEN or CLOSE?

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I have some pivot-arm style awnings over my windows and when I tap Open on the Bond App they roll back into the pelmet, when I tap Close they extend out and then down over the outside of the window. I’d probably prefer this to be the other way around as well.


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I’m glad to hear this. I bought the Bond Bridge specifically to automate my awning.

Do you have a rough ETA on this feature?


I can’t speak directly to RTS drapes, but I have the same issues as other with things being revered on an RTS Awning (Sunsetter). Today I installed a bridge for a customer and works perfectly with his large outdoor motorized sun shades. Close, brings it down, open retracts it. Works like a charm.

Hi - I’ve also just bought a Bond device to control my awning and have ran into this issue where controls are reversed. Could you comment on the timeline to add these awning controls to Bond?

I can say that in our current development sprint we are starting on Awning support. So, this is no longer “roadmap” but rather “active development”. — I’ve learned not to give timelines though :speak_no_evil:

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On my Glydea drapes, Up button = Close

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I just installed new firmware… does it fix the reversed open/close on somfy motors? If so, how?


No, we have not yet released awning support. The “Open” action still corresponds to the Up button on the Somfy remote for all devices.

Thank you for your response. Yes, “Open” (the awning) is “Close” and vice-versa. I currently have a fundamental workaround using an “Alexa Routine” that swaps it fine, but it would be nice if the App itself was updated.

Thanks again!


Any update on a release date for this update?


Yes, we have beta firmware out now. Just waiting on next app release to bring the proper UI for it. Should be out tomorrow.

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