Enabling skill in Alexa not working

My fans stopped responding and Alexa gave me a prompt to re-enable the skill. When I disabled and went to enable again, it opened the api test page and gives a 504 Gateway Time-out error. I tried from both PC and phone with the same results.

I was finally able to re-enable the skill just now but commands still aren’t working. It’s a known current issue due to Amazon AWS… they are working on a fix. It is frustrating for me because I am disabled and use voice control for my light and fan.

Beyond frustrated right now - we got caught up in the Amazon AWS error earlier today too, and because I’ve had issues with the Bond before, as part of troubleshooting I removed it and readded to Alexa - didn’t help. So naturally I factory reset the bond bridge. Now… I can’t get it past the add new device stage. I can connect to its wifi, it can see our wifi - I put in the password and it seems like it’s going to connect, then sits on ‘waiting for bond to come online’, then errors out with a wifi issue after a few minutes. This same device was working fine before on this exact same setup. Super annoying.

I did the exact same thing. Before, I just couldn’t get Alexa to turn things on. In an attempt to troubleshoot, I uninstalled the app and factory reset the Bond Bridge. Now I can’t get passed the ‘waiting for Bond to connect’ page.

I’m guessing that the device authentication is also rolled into the AWS outage. Guess I’ll try again in the morning.