Bond wont find alexa

Hoping for some help!
Just purchased BOND Bridge from Amazon and cannot get the Alexa app to integrate with it.

The BOND app from my android Phone works fine for turning the fan on and off. No problem there. Through the app, I can adjust the fan speed, turn lights on, etc. Works perfect.

But I cannot Alexa to pair with the device. I’ve installed/uninstalled both versions of the BOND Alexa skill, and tried all the combinations of one or the other. Account is linked. But the BOND has never once been discovered.

There was a post a few years ago (State of the Alexa skill?) where someone had very bad luck with Alexa due to a power issue - where the local control would work but the cloud / Alexa wouldn’t.

Since that’s the thing that first came to my mind, have you verified if you can control the Bond devices when your phone is on cellular (vs on your home WiFi)?
That might tell us if something about your power or network configuration is keeping the cloud aspect (which a Bond staff member has mentioned is necessary for Alexa) from the Bridge working, since the Bond app will default to local control whenever on the same local network as far as I know.

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