Somfy Tilt & Lift 25 with Venetian Blinds

Hi All,

I’ve spent some time searching the forums in case this has already been answered, but I didn’t find this specific scenario.

I’m in the process of wanting to motorise my venetian blinds, and it looks like the Somfy Tilt & Lift 25 may be the motor. I don’t have them yet, but it looks like that motor controls both he up and down, plus the open/close of the slats.

I’ve seen multiple recommendations for the Bond Bridge as a way to bring the Somfy blinds into Home Assistant, but before I get too excited and start buying bits I just want to check that the Bond Bridge supports the Somfy Tilt and Lift 25 with both the up/down and angle of slats options.

I can see in Home Assistant it supports these attributes for cover entities, so hoping the Bond Bridge is what I need.