Somfy Lights Control

Hi all

my first post here - I have a custom install company and have just bought the first Bond Bridge - I have a customer with an outside motorised canopy - he has Somfy shades which I know we can add but he also has some comfy lights on the same comfy remote

Can we add those in as they are just a mother channel on the handset?


@merck - have these been included in any of your tests / development?

Hi - no

we don’t have access to any Somfy kit to test - know we will nee ok with shades etc but wondered if anyone on here has used it with lights before.



Hey Andy, can you tell us what country the user is in? Also, do you have the model of Somfy Light product?

We do not support any Somfy products other than their RTS Shade Motors. The awning motors work, but with some UX limitations. Blind motors work, and we’re improving the experience. — Somfy also makes a lot of other products that are not in our current set of supported devices.