Somfy Shade Slider

Hi. Does the Bond bridge pro offer position support for Somfy RTS motors (i have Sonesse 30 SONESSE 30 WIREFREE RTS 2/20 LI-ION | Somfy)

It’s says it does on the product page but I want to be sure before upgrading from the standard bond bridge.

Looks like so, starting in 2.19 beta firmware:

You can always use the Help → Chat option within the Bond app during normal business hours to reach them for a more timely response, so you could triple check this.

Residual is right.

I’ll just add that you can backup → restore from the BD-1000 → BD-1750. You’ll just need to go to Device Settings > Edit Controller > enable Set Position, then Device Settings > Calibrate. Follow in-app guidance.

Let us know how it goes for you.

Yeah i’ve read all the releases. Thanks folks just wanted to triple check before pulling the trigger.

Couple follow-up question on the implementation @merck

  1. Does the bond bridge read current position? So if I adjust with remote will the position still work
  2. Do you know the position works with the Home Assistant bond plugin?
  3. Just curious, is it done using course time?

No. RTS motors are one-way. There’s no way to read the motor position.

This means that, no, sadly you won’t be able to use the remote without confusing the Bridge. Similar to the Open/Close case but worse because now there’s a % not just open/closed.

I’m pretty sure it does. @marcio uses it in our Brazil office. Looks great on the tablet on the wall!

Yessir. It’s a little algorithm that tracks a confidence interval of where the Bridge thinks the shade is. That interval expands over time as you operate the shade. The Bridge will eventually move the shade to one of the rails to reduce the ambiguity. It seems to work pretty well in practice.


It does! Although there’s an open issue about not being able to set position to 100. Which I still didn’t had the time to look at:

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I’ve spent some time fixing the Position 100 issue: Update bond-async to fix empty body when argument is 0 by marciogranzotto · Pull Request #89697 · home-assistant/core · GitHub

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Also I have to say the support on this forum is amazing! Good job @olibra team!