Somfy Shades "My" button Google Voice command

Hi, I just bought and set up a Bond hub - works like magic!
I had a quick question: When I set it up with my Somfy Shades, it correctly identified the product and created 3 buttons ‘Open’ ‘Close’ and ‘My’.

I can easily control Open and Close via voice: ‘Ok google, open/close shades’ but I don’t know how to invoke the “My” button. I typically press the my button to stop the shades as they roll up or down. Pressing the virtual button in the app works, as does in the remote, but I don’t know how to invoke it via Google Assistant. Any ideas? This is not a preset - it just pauses it.

I can’t create a google routine because for some oddball reason, it only allows me to control lights/plugs and thermostats (and the custom routine requires me to know the name of the button, which I don’t)

Do any of these work?
I don’t have Shades (yet) but that’s an old suggestion from some Bond staff.

Happy to play with this over the weekend if you don’t get it working… and I remember to test this :slight_smile: I’m sure I have setup the Bond App to link with my Google Home setup and then control my Somfy roller blinds, but that may have been through my Hubitat Hub…

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Perfect! That was it! “Hey google, set shades to my” → both completely illogical (semantically) and logical (state wise). All I had to do then was to overlay a custom google routine on top called “pause shades” and “stop shades” that would in turn call this abnormality.

Thank you!


Nice solution! Great workaround for the very limited smart home skill abilities. (We’re not able to do much else besides adding synonyms for “my” like “favorite position”.)