"Stop" command for shades via Google Assistant

Is it possible to send a stop command for shades using Google Assitant? I don’t see any way to do it using the actual GUI (it just has open/close and on/off commands, which seem to be duplicative in their function). I’ve tried it with text commands, but when I tell it to stop, it just closes the blinds.

I’d love to be able to automate raising the blinds and then stopping them after X number of seconds, but I can’t figure out a way to do it using either Google Assistant or Bond directly.

Hey @DaFace ,

Good to mention that I’m an iOS developer and don’t know much on how the Google Assistant integration works.

What is your shade model? Some models do support Set Position, which I believe is what you are trying to achieve, right?

Do you have the “My”, “Preferred” or “Favorite” options in Google Assistant? Sometimes they work as the Stop when the shade is moving.

If you prefer to share with me your Bond ID I can look into our systems and try to help you a bit deeper.


Hey @endy , thanks for the reply. I’m using Graywind/Yoolax shades, and (with a lot of tweaking to get it to repeatedly send the same signal) I do have the “favorite” function working OK. I’m trying to achieve something a little more nuanced than that, though. These shades only have one option for favorite, and I’m trying to find a way to essentially replicate other set positions using time delays. (I was able to do this with a Broadlink hub, but there doesn’t seem to be any way to “script” a set of commands through Bond.)

So in short, I’m trying to do something like:

  • Open
  • Wait 5 seconds (or whatever timing I need to get to the approximate height I want)
  • Stop

You can do time delays through Google Assistant, but the only options in the app itself are open/close and on/off. If you use verbal commands, it does recognize “set to favorite.” But I can’t find a way to get it to just stop the moving blinds.

Let me know if you have any ideas!

(Also, my bridge ID is ZZEJ51075 in case that helps.)

Hey @DaFace

I checked your device and looks like your shades are created as a “raw recorded” (the way we call devices that do not use our templates).

Can you try to add a new Shade device selecting “Dooya - Uni-directional” in the shades list of technologies at the beginning of the flow for adding a new device, and check if that operates your shades too?

The template we use for this technology (RMS5) looks compatible, and even tho it doesn’t support the Set Position actions yet, it may give you a bit more of options (and confirm to us that this is the correct template for this shade model).

I know it is getting a bit hardcore, but you can create a script to make the timing you need using cURL commands… If that sounds like a solution/workaround while we don’t add Set Position to RMS5, let me know and I’ll be happy to help you!


Thanks for the suggestions. I AM able to set it up using that template, but two issues:

  1. It doesn’t have the preset option. The remote uses a long press on the “stop” button to signal the preset, and I was able to get that to work by manually recording it and then editing it to repeat the signal (see link from earlier).
  2. It unfortunately still doesn’t give me the option to press “stop” via Google Assistant - just on/off, up/down like I was getting before.

I’m interested in the cURL option, though. Could you point me to some documentation for that?

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We do have an open API documentation that you can access here: http://docs-local.appbond.com/
This is the section of Device Action: Bond Local API

In case you don’t know cURL yet, his link looks like a good start:

You can start trying to execute an Open/Close manually over the terminal and then start the script.

I would recommend using ChatGPT to get the script basics and then tweak it to your exact needs.

Let me know where you stand and the next steps so I can help you better :slight_smile: