Trigger routines in Google Home

I’m super happy with how a single Bond Bridge, hidden away in a cabinet, controls the Somfy shades in the entire house. Setup, despite doing it for the first time, took only a couple of minutes.

However, when creating a routine with this voice command: “Close Rullgardin 6”, and triggering it by clicking the shortcut on the home screen of my Android Phone, it just says “Klart” but nothing happens.

Rullgardin means Shade in Swedish, and Klart is Done.

What could the problem be? The shade is called “Rullgardin 6” in both the Bond app and in Google Home. I’ve also tried the newest beta firmware. The only thing I haven’t tried is re-naming the shade to something like “Shade six”. But, I shouldn’t have to use English and letters, right…?

Also, the Somfy shades appear fine in Google Home as devices but can’t be controlled from there by clicking on them. I guess that’s normal, and that they have to be controlled by Routines.

Hey Hugo!

I’m Endy, one of the Bond iOS and Firmware developers and will try to help you :slight_smile:

Glad to hear that the setup was good!
About the re-naming, I don’t think it is needed, it shouldn’t be an issue…

I would like to ask you some questions so we can try to understand better where the issue is:

  1. Does the Bond lights blink when you try to control the Shades with the voice command, shortcut, or Google Home app?
  2. Does the Bond app controls your shades as expected?
  3. Did you try other integrations (like Alexa and/or SmartThings)? If not, can you add and try it?
  4. Do you have different results if taking the Bond out of the cabinet?

Thanks and looking forward to hearing back from you.

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Thanks for the quick response!

  1. No
  2. Yes (and it blinks)
  3. No, I don’t got any of them, but if necessary I can go through the hassle of getting them. However, my Ikea hub works as expected with Google Home…
  4. No

Should I try to re-link the two services?

Yes, I’d recommend re-linking, because I don’t see what else can be tried. Google is apparently not sending any commands to Bond. I checked your account, and I see it linked, but no commands coming from GH to Bond. Strange. — If the problem persists, let us know. I’d like to understand the root cause here.

Because I’m curious, two questions in addition to what Endy asked, but not likely to help you since I’m sure you would have figured this out:

  1. How are you asking to open/close the shades?
  2. Do you have just Swedish on your Google Home, or have you enabled the beta feature to use multiple languages and added English?

I tried here, with my phone & GH switched entirely to Swedish, and the words “öppna” and “stäng” work somewhat, but “sluta” does not (IDK maybe you’d never use the word “sluta” for shades. My knowledge of Swedish is limited to my binge-watching Äkta Människor with no subtitles a few years back.) – I definitely had more success with the Swedish when it was the only language enabled, though it seemed less reliable than English (though that’s probably due to my accent). When I enable Swedish+English, it often interpreted the Swedish “6” in English and proceeded to perform NSFW Google searches :man_facepalming: . I guess that feature is still in beta for a reason.


Problem solved.

I’m activating the routine by clicking the routine shortcut on my home screen. No talking or voice recognition - just a simple click.

I had the Google Assistant set to Swedish. Adding English didn’t help (beta feature), but changing to English solved the issue.

In retrospect, it seems silly that I tried to “speak” English to a “Swede”…

None of this is your fault whatsoever, but to be even clearer to your foreign customers, maybe you could add a note about switching to English before using your command templates. Or just experiment with commands in the domestic language.

Yep, in Swedish, 6 is “sex”, and intercourse is “sex” as well…

Your product and support is excellent. I’ll start recommending it to people here, despite the need at the moment for having it shipped across the Atlantic. Amazon has been a smooth experience though.

And special kudos for trying some Swedish. That’s great. ;D