Alexa and Somfy “my” button

Does Alexa support using the Somfy shades my button with the bond bridge?

This works for me once I set the mode in the alexa call up for preset which activates MY function. The issue with grouping I didn’t investigate since I have my shades hardwired and don’t want to go through a power reset recovery with 5 shades all on the same breaker.

Thanks for the reply. Can you go into more detail, set mode in the Alexa call up for preset lost me.

The following steps are needed:

  1. program a shade of your choice with a MY position
  2. in the bond app select respective device and test if the My option now works
  3. in the alexa app open the device view of respective shade and select Mode “My” and in next widow showing Preset select My
  4. Create routine for this device selecting in configuration option Mode which should show My option which will drive the shade once executed to the chosen save preferred position. (I know pictures say thousand words but let’s see if this helps you)


This is awesome! Thank you so much. I’ll be trying it tomorrow morning. Steak dinner on me :slight_smile:

Here is another clue to configure the routine call for MY position of a shade

Don’t select power or position option or the routine may misbehave (in my case at least).

Wanted to thank you again. Unfortunately I can’t reach my client for the Alexa password. I will update you as soon I try this.

I’m anxious to try it too!