Alexa control of Somfy shades

I have my Somfy shades connected to my Bond bridge and everything works fine. After enabling the Alexa skill for Bond Home, the following functions/commands seem to work:
“Turn off {shades}” - LOWERS the shades all the way
“Turn on {shades} - RAISES the shades all the way
“Set {shades} to favorite position” - moves shades to the Somfy “MY” position
While the on/off actions aren’t very intuitive (on to raise the shades?), at least they work. Are there any other commands I’ve missed, such as a way to make the shades stop moving while they are going up or down?

Yes, looks like that’s everything that’s available. We don’t expose the “stop moving” actions in cloud-to-cloud integrations because the latency might be too high. The time it’d take to say the phrase “Alexa stop (shades)” plus the time for the request to reach the Bond would probably make this not really usable.