Suggestion for setting up Somfy shade voice controls using Google Voice

 I was able to program our 5 shades to close (lower) and raise (open) our shades.  Worked fine when pressing command on phone - but - verbal commands wouldn't work properly.
 I discovered on the Google Home app there is an option to set up "routines".  
I set a "one action" routine for each shade.  When I say "Hey Google,Lower shade one"  - the action is "Close Somfy Shade 1".

I created 2 groups of shades so that one command can control multiple shades,
“Hey Google, Lower shades group 1”
Actions taken are:
“Close Somfy shades 1”
“Close Somfy shades 2”
“Close Somfy shades 3”


Thanks for sharing that trick!

The Somfy shades also support learning multiple remotes. So you could program all the shades in one room to respond to a single “all bedroom shades” Bond device. However, note that that then breaks the “Hey Google, close all shades” feature, as Google will ask Bond to close everything twice and it confuses the shades.