Operating Somfy blinds with Bond - unsuccessful


We have 2 new Somfy Sonesse 30 2.0 Nm battery motor blinds. We also have a new Bond Bridge Hub. We do not have remotes for the blinds as I was under the impression that the Bond Hub (via my phone) can be used as the remote - is this correct?

We have set up Bond successful. We can enter pairing mode (green light on blind flashes) and it seems to successfully pair (can jog the blind up and down while in pairing mode). However once the blinds exit the pairing mode, the blinds do not respond to the bond app (up and down buttons), while the bond bridge lights up every time we press a button. Do we need a Somfy remote to use Bond, or is there something else I’m missing?

Bond v3.14.1

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I don’t have Shades yet, so what I’m going to say is just rephrasing some details I’ve seen.

As far as I know, you have to put the Somfy motors into Pairing mode somehow or another.

You can try the Support in the app (chat or email customerservice@olibra.io ) to see if you get a more timely response; the Bond staff don’t always have a chance to visit us in the forums every day.

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I can confirm that you need a remote control to initially setup Bond in the said scenario. Thank you for your response though, Support was quick to help via email.

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My experience is that the Bond Bridge software walks you through a process that requires the motor to be first put into pairing mode (blind jogs once) and then pairs with the Bond Bridge (blind jogs a second time). How are you managing to jog the blinds the first time? Is there something on your blinds that allows you to put it into pairing mode without a remote?

@Madge was our support team able to help resolve?