Somfy Drapes, how to set up

I’ve got two sets of drapes controlled by a Somfy motor. When I look at the doc on how to set these up, it says to push the button on the back of the remote. My remote (FCC ID: 2AGGZMT0201014, IC: 21769-MT0201014) does not have this button. If I try to learn with the remote, the Bond ring turns green like it succeeded, but it doesn’t work.

Any tips?

Your FCC ID checks out as a Rollease Acmeda—not Somfy—product. Try using the Rollease option. It should have a “P2” button under the battery cover.

I found the P2 button, but when I press it nothing happens. The remote works to open/close the blinds, so I know it’s connected.

Huh. Even if you press P2 twice?

Maybe something is different about this motor. Can you check the model of the remote (and if possible also the motor)? That way we can look at the manual for that specific equipment and see how it’s intended to be paired.

Nope, pressing it twice doesn’t matter. When I installed these, I was told they were Somfy’s. The wireless hub is labeled R.Tec Automation, FCC ID:2AGGZ-APULSE-2, WiFi FCC ID: 2AC7Z-ESP32, RowleyCompany.

Does this help?

Anything else I can try? I’d really love to get this working.

You can open up the shade, get the model number off the motor, and find the user manual for it. Or try to just go based on the user manual of your remote. Search by model, not FCC ID.

I found the details for the remote ( Australia Division (, but not sure what to do with it. The frequency is 433.92 MHz, and RF Modulation is FSK. Could this be the issue?

That is consistent with the USA Rollease Acmeda technology supported by the app.

Again, if the P2 button is not causing your shades to jog and/or beep, then something is wrong with the shade/remote (or with our understanding of how it use them).

Also, videos not loading for me here in the ol’ USA. IDK if those are deadlinks or I would need an Australian VPN. :confused:

There’s a us website as well, just substitute us for au in the url, but the video still doesn’t play. I’ve emailed them about the problem. Hopefully I’ll hear back from them.