Simplicity Blinds - Transmitter BY-305

@guy I am posting this as an FYI. I was able to get my Simplicity Blinds remote, Transmitter BY-305. The remote looks like this one I found on Amazon. The Freq is 433.92. I was able to program it under Shades>Other but it too many attempts. The scheduling works, but sometimes if we have last used the remote it seems, it will not fire under the schedule. @guy this is really an FYI to let you know in case you decide to support Simplicity Motorization. Seems like the button sometimes requires a double press. Not sure. In any event, hope this helps.

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So I am confused now when I found this Vista website which suggests maybe they make the motors for Somfy shades too? If so why aren’t the Simplicity ones supported by Bond as well? @guy we want to buy a few more Bonds but they are all for this same model Simplicity shade. I did put this in the request database. As mentioned in my first post the programming was hard so that is what is holding us back. The additional Bonds in different rooms would make them respond better. We have a lot of block wall construction. Thanks.

Thanks for the heads-up about Simplicity control issues. We do have BY-305 listed as fully-supported, and I believe it was working well with another brand of motor. Perhaps we can buy some of the same motors you have and reproduce the quality issue you’re seeing.

Can you please advise an exact model number for your motors, and preferably a link to where we can buy them?

I think this is very similar to this thread.. There is no FCC on the remote. I will inquire from the company that installed them but they are out of the office right now until Jan 18th. Thank you.

@merck I finally got the information here. The motor is the same as this Simplicity Shade Motor.

@guy I would love to buy another Bond for a room with three of these shades. It was super difficult to program a few of these. Not like the Somfy; had to do it manually. Any thoughts if these are now in the database and would be easy to program? Thanks.