Somfy Roller Tilt Direction Issue

Hi I have successfully paired my somfy roller.
Up, Down and my buttons work fine.
However tilt Open and tilt Close work in the oposite direction. Open moves de roller down and Close moves the roller Up…
How can I fix this up?

Please advise.

I know that you’re asking about tilt, but the Bond staff have been trying to field a number of requests as far as open/close/up/down; the most active thread on this seems to be Somfy awning… reverse?

Interesting. Yet another “inversion” we would need to add to advanced settings. Which direction it opens depends on the physical arrangement of the blind. I did not know that there existed blinds with just the tilt arranged mirror image. The rabbit hole is ever deeper…

I assume this is a Somfy RTS motor?

Yes indeed, it is a somfy RTS motor.