Somfy Altus 28 with bond bridge pro

Hi, I’m about to get about 25 somfy Altus 28 motors and just wanted to double check if I can pair them with bond bridge pro without remotes.

Seeing if I can save cost on the remotes as I’ve been quote about $850 for all the remotes and just spend abit more on the bond pro without purchasing the remotes.

Any help appreciated!

Sure. These motors are RTS and so should work fine with Bond Bridge Pro. You can in fact use the “Virtual Remote” option in the app, but I’d recommend having at least one RTS remote on hand.


Ah fantastic thanks for the clarification. These motors are definitely not cheap!

@merck, how do you get the motors into the app in the first place without physical remotes?

Hey @arcadelt
I’m not very into this subject, but maybe I can shed some light.

There is a feature called Virtual Remote Control, you can know more about in these links:
YouTube video:
Help Center article:

The usual way would be to use the VRC after adding the device, but you can fake it to access the controls.
Maybe using 2 phones would be a better way to achieve this.

Hope it helps.

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