Keen Aussie and Somfy Technical Question


I’ve been watching with envy the bond-related conversation on the hubitat community and have seen you are working on launching bond in Australia. Just interested to know how it is going…

On a technical note, I have some Somfy roller blind motors but had one too many for a 5 channel remote. I chose to leave one motor disconnected with the intention of getting a Bond hub or, if I really had to, a connexoon. If I get a Bond hub, will I be able to link the 6th blind without needing to get another remote?


Sophia from customer support was kind enough to point me to the bond bridge on Amazon AU, I’ve just placed my order :grin:

She also explained that if the 6th motor can be controlled by a remote then it she be able to be paired, as long as it is the right frequency that is supported by bond.


Yep, basically a Bond Bridge “device” corresponds to a single channel of Somfy control. So you could have this single device control a single motor, or you could have it control multiple motors. And you can make quite a few of these devices, so you shouldn’t run in to any sort of limitation.

Yeah, definitely. It might be a bit more complicated than a typical setup, but it’s certainly doable.

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Very happy Aus customer, got my bridge today and set it up in no time at all. All my Somfy shades and and external Simu blind are working. All that is left is to setup my Hubitat integration.

In terms of the 6th roller, I messed around with them a few nights ago and setup a few groups on the Somfy remote to allow me to control all 6 on the one remote, kind of solving the problem before I introduced the Bond Bridge.