[SOLVED] Minka-Aire Dyno XL: Lost control of second fan

An upgrade’s available in the app, the latest version for this fan is v2.10.12. If you have an upgrade available, you’ll see a yellow indicator on the Bond’s card on the dashboard.

I’d say the easiest way to get the token is through the app, it’s available in the Bond’s settings screen.

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Are you saying that API CycleBrightness command will cause the light to cycle up and down. This is actually useful. A number of Z-Wave switches have scene control that will send a paddle “pressed and held” code to the Z-Wave hub and when the paddle is released it will send a “release” code. These codes could be used to start and stop the brightness cycling.

Interesting … this is a brand new fan bought from a fan store that seems to sell a lot of Minka-aire fans.

I will update to the latest beta firmware …

It could take a year from production to your house

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No, actually. It just cycles a specified amount. (We do actually have a behavior like that on Bond Bridge when supporting lights with that kind of dimmer on their remote control: “StartDimmer” and “Stop” actions.)

Hmm. I do see what you’re getting at. We could conceivably develop something that would expose Start/StopDimmer actions for Smart by Bond, but really it’s quite annoying as a user to have to wait for the brightness to cycle up/down. With smart products, we’re finding the expectation is to be able to set an absolute brightness level, or sometimes increase/decrease relatively. I think most people are glad to see the hold-to-dim “feature” gone!

I agree that brightness cycling is less than ideal. The Smart by Bond is the way to go for sure.

What would be ideal is to expose a Start/Stop Dimmer Down and Start/Stop Dimmer Up. The Z-Wave wall switches I am talking about have an up and down paddle and can produce, among many scene codes, 4 difference codes for (down paddle held down, down paddle released, up paddle held down, and up paddle released). So one could make these Z-Wave wall switches control the Smart by Bond light just like Z-Wave dimmer switches control dimming at the switch. They, of course, can set a percent dimming through the hub and by extension with Google/Alexa Assistant.

Just a thought as I can probably write a Homeseer script to do the same thing using the increase brightness and decrease brightness. Just would be so much easier if you exposed those dimming function in the Bond API.

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Got it! So instead of having to create a timer on your end that periodically sends IncreaseBrightness(5), you could just send StartIncreasingBrightness and then Stop upon release. You would have simpler logic on your side, and the dimming would be smoother because network/CPU jitter would not be a problem (other than the timing of Stop). – Added to our wish-list here, but please don’t expect it soon. There’s other highly-requested features :slight_smile:

Understood and thanks for putting it on a list.