[SBB] Two remotes per fan with multiple fans?

I have seven fans in my house, and I want 3 of them to have 2 remotes each (and the others to have 1 remote each, no multiple-fans-per-remote going on). I’m using the model 99434 kit from Home Depot that was recommended on another post as having discrete on-off signals for the light. I’ve gone so far as to order 3 extra remotes from support, only to find that when I installed my first fan and paired a second remote to it, it forgot the first remote. How can I fix this problem?

I believe this kit is technically made by Hampton Bay - have you called 1-800-330-3267 to see if they can give you options to pair multiple remotes to one receiver?
I believe I had the same experience with this kit in that pairing a new remote ‘forgets’ the other one, but I didn’t spend much time with that effort, as one remote is fine for my use case.

You have to make sure the dip switches in the remote are set the same as the first one that programed correctly, that is what worked for me, .pair and program one set and then set the extra remote dip switches the same as the first one… the controller wont know which one is which since they will be both sending the same signal

@bcareymis - you did this successfully on a Smart By Bond kit?

While you’re absolutely correct on most RF based non-smart remotes and receivers, these Smart by Bond kits require pairing the remote in the app.
While they do have a single dip switch, it is really just 0 or 1 channel.
As far as I know with these particular kits, it is not possible to have multiple remotes at this time.

I have 3x Artemis style Minka fans, 1x ea of 3 blade, 4 blade and 5 blade.
all are new models with onboard bond (SBB) Each unit came with a remote, also added wall remote kit.

since the wall remote is actually an RF remote the same as the included hand held unit I call this two remotes, but to be sure I just took one of the other hand held remotes and set those dip switches to match the one included with the fan and now I have the wall remote, and two hand held remotes running my 5 blade fan. ymmv.

Yes paring to the bond app is one thing, adding remotes is another, you are adding remotes to match the fan controller not to the bond integration, bond really doesn’t know anything about your hand held remotes.

paring the first hand held or wall remote to the fan is done on initial power up and then subsequent remotes are added by matching their dip switches to the first remote paired. nothing to do with bond

Minka said best results are by using the wall remote which also provides power to the fan assembly. In addition it creates a hard path to the fan to facilitate pairing. Once that one is paired and functionally correct you pop off the lower front, read the dip switches, and set all hand held remotes you wish to use to match the wall remote. replace the switch access plate and your should be set up

This thread / @Kethlak’s post is specifically about a Smart by Bond (SBB) aftermarket receiver + remote kit being added to existing fans, each of which does not use a Bond Bridge (similar to how you have built in Smart by Bond receivers in your Minka fans, @bcareymis). These specific aftermarket kits do not allow adding additional remotes or simply using the single 0/1 dip switch to have the same RF signals. I have two of the kits myself, and it is so far impossible to get two remotes to control the same single receiver, by manipulating the single dip switch in the remote and/or by adjusting remotes in the app paired to the SBB kit. There are not matching dip switches in the receiver. The remotes have a “learn” / pairing button to pair to the receiver instead of dip switches.

Sounds like Minka’s implementation of SBB is a bit more flexible, in that it allows additional RF wall control, has dip switches that can be matched between remote(s), wall controls, and receiver, etc. Your explanation shows some of the alternative options available if replacing the entire fan, and points out some strengths that Minka has built into their implementation of the SBB technology. Thanks!

Edit: and just to show that some SBB implementations absolutely do rely on Bond app knowing about (paired) remotes:

Here’s the situation for multiple remotes on single SBB fan, by first two digits of serial number:

  • KS: Mostly Minka fans. Transmitters have 5+ DIP switches. Multiple transmitters can be used with one receiver by setting same DIP switch positions. Receiver can learn only one address at a time. :grin:
  • KV & KP: Many brands. Transmitters have no DIP switches. Receivers have 5 address slots, and so you can just learn multiple hand-held remotes or wall controls via the app or the traditional power-cycle + learn button procedure. App will show each remote under “Manage Remotes”. :grin:
  • KVQ: transmitter & receiver have DIP switches (!). So, you can make many transmitters have same DIP switch settings. (These are not yet on the market.)
  • KN: Smart Kit from Home Depot. – Transmitter has a 0/1 switch. In 0 position, address is set to zero (0x0000). In 1 position, address is a code unique to the transmitter. Receiver currently only has 1 address slot. So, you can have all your transmitter and receivers interoperate by setting the 0 position, or you can have 1 transmitter per receiver using the 1 position, but you cannot have what OP is asking for. :cry:

We can update the firmware of KN devices to increase number of address slots to 5. I think we can get it on the Beta channel this week. (New production app this week supports accessing Beta “firmware channel”, so there’s no need to download a separate Beta app anymore.)

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