Issue with Minka Aire fans with RC600 remotes

The issue described below was fixed by turning the power off to the fans and then turning it back on again.


I have two Minka Aire Dyno-XL fans with RC 600 remotes. Firmware version v2.10.12. I have them paired directly with the Bond App as SBB fans. When I first got them I could turn the lights on and off with the remote, but now I can only turn the lights on. If I try to turn them off, they will sometimes blink and come back on or they will dim down to a low setting. Both fans/remotes work the same way.

I have no idea when this incorrect behavior started as I normally only use the remotes to control the fan’s speed, but I assume it happened with a firmware update.

I can turn the lights on and off with the Bond App and with Google Assistant so it appears to be a problem with the remote’s interface in the fans. Both remotes do the same thing on the fans they control.

Is this a known problem and is there a fix for it?

BTW I have three old fans that I retrofitted with Universal SBB remotes (from Home Depot) and the remotes work correctly with the fan lights.


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Thanks for the update with the fix.