Smart By Bond / BOND Home app on Android

App was updated from the early access Play Store link in the V2 post; after update, BOND HOME app was version 2.7.7.
When I first launched, the app was empty. I said Add Device, chose Bond Bridge, clicked Ignore, but then canceled.
My Powered By Bond device suddenly showed up, showing current firmware as 2.5.6-beta.

However, it was offering an update to 2.5.6 (the updated / available firmware 2.5.6 was shown without the beta suffix).

Started update, reconsidered and thought I should get a screenshot, tried to cancel around the 40% mark.
Device went offline after app returned to previous screen. Multiple app force closes and restarts later, device still offline.
Power cycled device from wall switch; when powered back on, everything was working, update still offered.

Let the update proceed to 100% - splash screen indicating latest firmware success. Still reporting as 2.5.6-beta, still offering an update to 2.5.6. Attempted update again, and it completed successfully; shows 2.5.6 without the beta suffix.

Also note that previously I think I had set light to non-dimmable in old version of Powered by Bond app. Now it lets me drag dimmer slider and attempts to dim (I can tell it’s modulating power but these bulbs are not supposed to dim).

Right, we set 2.5.6 as the public firmware, so it was offering an update. It’s the same firmware however.

The glitchiness of the upgrade on these KMBL/KMCA units is likely due to a hardware bug that we found, which unfortunately prevents them upgrading past v2.5.6. This makes me sad that we cannot ship new firmware features to your device, but I’m glad at least we were able to get people’s units “unbricked” after the firmware upgrade went bad.

Hmm. We don’t have a control for that in the app. (Though it’s on the roadmap. Did you somehow get a version of the app from the future? :wink: )

However, early versions of the hand-held remote control had a “dimmer” switch which was removed in a later revision, and we asked about dimmer switch in the beta feedback.

You know, that was probably it. I shared my feedback so well, in my head, that it wrote some pseudo-code and was immediately integrated into the future firmware which I got in the past. :blush:

That’s really intriguing to me / disappointing news for y’all. At least they weren’t out in the retail world yet!