One of my Bond Devices won't update Firmware

Hi All,

I have 3 Bond Devices to cover my House, one of them is not updating beyond, the other 2 is updated to 2.17.4, the only difference I can see in the app for this specific bond device that is Shows Model: Unknown? Any fix or suggestion for that?

Are you using Android or iOS to try the update?
What version of the app?
Do you get an error message / number when attempting the update, or you can’t even start to try the update?

Do the ones that updated fine begin with a different serial number (for instance, ZZ) than the one that is failing (maybe BD)?

I have seen the Bond staff mention from time to time certain firmwares had more trouble on certain devices than is expected.
In a different thread, @merck mentioned a new app version was likely coming out this week that allows toggling between beta and production firmwares for the Bond devices; curious if that helps resolve this update hanging.
If @endy gets a chance to stop by, he might have some suggestions (I don’t want to recommend a rescue reset while it is working but just on an old firmware, as I think that process erases the devices you’ve configured in the Bridge already).

Otherwise, you can use the chat feature in the app during normal support hours, or email to get a ticket started for your issue.

Hey @amrtaleb and @residualimages

So bad to hear that!
Matt asked all the good questions, so I’m coming by to give some extra info before @amrtaleb adds the answers to help it better.

We’re seeing some issues with updating the FW on versions before 2.17.4, but didn’t find a workaround yet, just trying some times and it works.

I can work with the CS team to trigger the FW update requests until it works, but need your authorization, @amrtaleb . If you prefer, you can contact the CS team directly, like @residualimages mentioned.

You’re right! The v2.32.0 will have this feature, but I’m not sure this can help with the issue, since the cause seems to be in the current version and not the target one.

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I’m using the IOS app, all bonds I have are BD-1000, the one I have issue updating is not showing there is an update and says the old firmware is the latest one! The other two updated normal except this one?

One other note the ones updates are ZZCCxxxxx while the one with the issue is BHxxxxx!

Thanks endy, I had wiped out the bridge from the IOS app, re-add it again and it picked up the update once added to the app, am now on not 2.17.4-1-g29bc8b4 like the other 2, so what ver is newer!?

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Good to hear that @amrtaleb !

The is the latest version for the units starting A or B.
The is the latest version for the units starting ZZ.

And for the new Bond Bridge Pro, which are units starting with ZP, the latest version is

So looks like you are with the latest versions on all your devices.

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