Cant find FCCID how to check will remotes work?

Hi All,

I was hoping to get a bond bridge to work with my blinds that have a rolling code. I have tried using the compatability checker but cant even find the FCC ID for my remotes (Its not on the remote).

Does anyone know if these two remotes are compatible?

I have two sets of blinds and one type uses each different type of remotes.


Wonder if @merck is still looking for Tube Motor remotes to see if they can be supported?
Please support TUBE Motors Shades! RTL RF Coding

The ASA ones I’m curious to find more about to help you and the Bond team evaluate possible compatibility.
Edit: looks like “Window Automation Industry Srl” / Mingardi / ASA Motors are part of the Somfy group, according to multiple documents. I don’t know if they are directly Somfy or a Somfy derivative as far as the RF technology, but they do list 433.42 rolling code.

Can you take a picture of the front and back of both remotes and post here?

@Zangen These are what we call “RTL” motors. – Do you know of anywhere we can buy RTL motors & remotes online?

The way we operate is, we either buy online directly, or we wait until we have a B2B customer using a certain motor and they send us samples. Thus far we haven’t found online or had a B2B customer send motors… so we haven’t scoped it out.

Sure can, dont know that it helps much.

Hi Merck - The ASA remote I certainly do.

The most recent shutters I installed at home in did DIY and installed them myself. This has led to now having three different sets of shutters and they all have a different type of remote.

I have tried two devices already to control the blinds and the original ones can be controlled by an RM4 but neither of these two types. Before committing to another attempt I was hoping to see what the chances are of them working.

Happy to help anyway I can knowing though that I havent purchased yet as I was hoping to get some certainty, the bond bridge is also not as available in Australia especially to speak and check with someone first.

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