Lianda RTL Blinds

is It possible to add support for Lianda RTL? Lianda is company owned by somfy group and their RTL is almost like Somfy RTS but with some difference in protocol so It is not possible to control them with bond bridge yet.
More info at


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Hi, sorry to bump such an old thread but I wanted to +1 this. These tube motors are very prevalent in Mexico and would create a big use case for bond in Mexico if they could be automated.

Thanks for bumping. Never heard of them! Can you share a picture of front/back of a remote control and type out any identifying numbers on the back of the remote? Hopefully it has an FCC ID.

It doesn’t have an FCC ID printed on it though, I’ll share the pictures when I get back home, here is the website:

and here are the direct links to the remote specs page (1 channel: , 5 channel: ), here you can download a certificate that says the FCC ID is 2AFYH-R1 for the 1 channel and 2AFYH-R5 for the 5 channel, both listed as non compatible (hopefully only for now!) on the bond supported page.


I actually emailed them a few years ago at this address:, asking about these motors and they told me they weren’t compatible with broadlink (what I had back then)
Screen Shot 2022-07-08 at 12.50.50 PM

Thanks. They actually publish the certs on their website (?! first time I’ve seen that). FCC ID: 2AFYH-R1. We haven’t seen this one before, but adding to our wishlist.

yeah it’s strange, I uploaded a conversation I had with them a while back in the previous message.

Here are pictures of the front and back of the remote. Text on back of remote says:

SCE-R5 Gunmetal
Frequency: 433.92Mhz
Battery Type
CR2032 Lithium 3v DC
Made in PRC

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Thanks. We’re ebaying one, will take a look at the RF.

Hi! +1 here!! I bought BOND thinking it was going to work with Tube Motors, since I tought they were the same as Somfy…

Here is a pic of my remote:

Any luck?

Thank you so much!

Exactly the same here.

But it is a Reggia RF motor. Pretty sure is all the same rebranded. And those motors are made by a somfy subsidiary.

So I was hoping it would work with the Bond bridge. Tried all 3 Somfy configs shades to no avail.
Please help us out on the Lianda RTL. Big market here in Chile, sold by Hunter Douglas and many others.

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Needles to say, I am more than available to try all sorts of beta firmwares and stuff to get it to work, in case you need some testers.

Any news on this topic? I’ve been spending countless hours and days trying to figure out how to control my blinds with my Bond Home and have had no success. It looks like I’m way over my head.

However, I just recently found this Github Issue:
Clone Somfy protocol for Tube SCE-R1 · Issue #2261 · merbanan/rtl_433 · GitHub.
I’m pretty sure they are all the same remote controllers so if they have figured it out, shouldn’t that help here?
All help is more than welcomed.

Thanks for the link. Interesting. We still don’t have any RTL hardware here, but will take a look.


What is your Bond ID?

Bond Engineering.

This is mine

And this is mine. Looking forward to trying things/firmware-betas

We’d like to look at the signal of the Reggia remote.
Can you perform this flow? and reply here when done.

General description:
You will record the remote’s buttons using the Bond app.
Then we’ll look at the signals and try to figure out the protocol.

The app flow:
“+” → Remote control → Shade → “Other” (its the last option) → name the device → Continue → “Open” → Start → Bond flashes blue → Press the Remote’s “Open” until Bond turns green

Repeat this for “Stop” and “Close”
when done → save the device & reply here.

If you want us on a call with you, we’ll be happy to,
in order to do that, please reply to the email ticket we sent you at 5/19

Thanks Ray,
I think what you replied is the MAC
Can you please reply the Bond S/N (4 letters, 5 digits)
Can you perform the recording flow I asked from Santiago here?

Sorry I thought it was the account id ZZFG29396

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Thank you very much for your reply. I have followed your instructions for “Open”, “Stop” and “Close” and have recorded their signals.

Please let me know anything else I can do to help.

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