Sidekick 2 and selectblind motors

Hello all,

My name is Vince and I’ve just purchased my new motorized roman shades for my first home! I am doing my best to research on how to pair the sidekick 2 to my new shades. I bought the shades from I also bought the Bond hub from them. To clarify, it is the Select blind’s hub made by Bond.

The hub paired up with the blinds without any issue and they work okay. I have them on a schedule, but every now and then, one shade won’t follow the command(I have 7 shades in the living room.) Not ideal, but I can live with that.

However, I am not a huge fan of the remote that came with the blinds. It looks exactly like this,

I bought the Bond Sidekick 2 to add to the wall. I am having one hell of a hard time trying to pair the Sidekick2 to the blinds. From my understanding, I believe they are the Simplicity motors? I am not entirely sure, but I called Selectblinds and that is what they’ve told me.

Has anyone had any success on pairing this combo? I am sure they answer is somewhere in front of my face and I can’t see it. Thanks.

Howdie Vincent!

Good question. SelectBlinds uses a number of different “motor technologies”. The sure-fire way to figure out what technology your blinds use is to check in the Bond Home app under the settings of the device that successfully controls your motors, and see what the “template id” is and check with customer support. (Currently we do not publish a list mapping the template IDs (RMS numbers) with the technology names in the Sidekick manual, but perhaps we should do so.)

Based on the Amazon link you shared, sadly I think that is the one technology used by SelectBlinds that is not supported in Sidekick Gen2. :frowning:

Your options are:

  1. Use a Bond Bridge Pro, put Sidekick into “relay mode”, and configure the Bond Bridge Pro to trigger your shades in response to the signal from the Sidekick.

  2. Wait for sometime in 2024 when we likely will have additional remote control options that include support for that motor technology.

Hey Merck!

Thanks for the response and belated Merry Xmas! Yea, I thought about getting the Bond Pro and the side kick 2 initially. But the hefty price was a bit of a deal breaker. Between buying a home and presents for family this holiday, it put me back to square one.

That’ll be super sweet if the Gen3 sidekick would be able to support the Select blinds. That’ll save me a little bit of money! If you need the motor, I don’t mind letting you guys borrow one of my blinds to do some R and D. My app template thingy is saying RMS76?