Need insight on right bridge/remotes for SelectBlinds

I have several smart blinds from SelectBlinds with their version of the bond bridge. I have realized that while it may be easier to use it has limitations prompting my need to upgrade tot he Bond Bridge Pro (namely the need to sense blind position between remote & bridge, and the desire to set scenes). What I am not sure of is the type of Sidekick remotes I need and would love some insight.

  • I know along with the Pro bridge, I need at least one Sidekick Gen 2 as the main control for all blinds and scenes.
  • I have a guest bedroom with a single-blind that I assume I can just do the basic Sidekick. Correct?
  • Another guest bedroom has two windows/blinds that I would like the guests to be able to control both with a single remote. For this can I still do that with an original Sidekick or will I need the Gen 2?

Also, I am assuming I will also be able to control all through Google Home with voice commands.

Thanks for help from those more expeirenced that me.

Hey @davidkohl

First of all, thank you for reaching out. It’s great to have you here :slight_smile:

To find out which version of Sidekick you’ll need, first you need to find out your motors manufacturer/technology:

254637 Alta Bliss
255688 Dooya Bi-Directional
369663 Dooya Uni-Directional
469262 Simplicity (Bofu)
527827 J-Star
668377 Eve (Coulisse)
735328 Coulisse
742337 AMP
763279 A-OK
765537 Bofu
765539 Rollease
766267 Motion Blinds

With the code, you can pick the Sidekick that is compatible with your motors shades. You can check compatibility with the chart in the link below:
Sidekick Technology Chart

By linking Sidekick with Bond Bridge Pro you can get the shades state feedback:
Using Sidekick with Bond Bridge Pro - Zendesk

Regarding scenes, it’s important to note that scene creation and management are typically handled through other control systems, such as Google Assistant. You can also use Sidekick Gen 2 as a keypad that communicates button presses and holds to your control system, giving you more flexibility with scene control. That will require programming knowledge though.

To recap, please check the motor technologies of your existing smart shades, and ensure compatibility with the Bond Bridge Pro and Sidekick. Feel free to reach out if you have any further questions or if there’s anything else we can assist you with.