Shade Slider Support

I’ve had a BD-1000 for awhile and decided to buy a pro since the slider control would be useful. I wasn’t completely clear on what shades weren’t supported, but it turns out mine are not. Is there any plan to support other shade types with the slider in the future or will it always be limited to somfy, etc.?

I built a simple estimation that works fairly well, but I’m sure the bond version is better.

We’ve added a few more, but some motors don’t like to move at constant speed which messes it up.

What tech(s) do you have?

Missed this :slight_smile:

Makes sense. I have two types of devices, here’s what I know:

  1. (RMS25 template) A-OK AM25-1/30-ES-E
  2. (RMS49 template) DOOYA AT45MR

I mostly use set position on the first one.


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