BD-1750-PRO Firmware v2.19.0-beta: Somfy Slider

We are releasing today our first major update for the Bond Bridge Pro (BD-1750-PRO).

  • The new “Somfy Slider” feature is now supported in the firmware. This works only on the PRO bridge.
  • To use it from the Bond Home app, you will need v2.32.0+ app. This is strongly recommended for setting up the shades.
  • Then you can control it from the API. See “Position” entry in the “Features” section of the documentation: ReDoc documentation

API Guide for Creating Shades without the app (only useful if you have trouble with the app for some reason):

  1. Create a Somfy shades device using the app. Get the device id from device settings.

  2. Enable the position feature and set the shade’s course time by patching the properties endpoint. Here I’ve assumed your shades take 7.0 seconds to go from totally closed to totally open and vice-versa:

Curl command:

curl -X PATCH -d '{"feature_position":true, "course_time":7000}'

Serial Console command (yes, the BD-1750-PRO can be connected to your computer’s USB port and controlled with API commands. Just use 921600 baud in your terminal program.):

{"t":"devices/3c85a22b/properties","m":4,"b":{"feature_position":true, "course_time":7000}}

  1. Now use the SetPosition action to set the shades to a specific position, and use the position state variable to get feedback.

Look for notes about app releases in coming days with the v2.32.x apps as we start to support this feature in the UI. We will make a few releases with improvements before this feature becomes available in the stable firmware.

FW Release notes:


Currently in BETA testing.

APPLIES TO: Units starting ZP (BBP).

Changes since v2.17.4(.x):

  • Support Slider/SetPosition Control for Somfy RTS Shades(BD-1750-PRO only)

API Changes

  • mDNS, BPUP, MQTT: Add d (discoverable) and v (version) fields (#1076) (Will become available for all Bond products soon)

Here’s the section of the API docs describing the d and v fields:

The fields are also available in every BPUP reply:

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Installed this after upgrading the app to the recommended version. Then went to a Somfy shade and did edit commands. Locked the pro until I power cycled it.

went to a Somfy shade and did edit commands. Locked the pro until I power cycled it

Thanks for the report. In a quick attempt here I wasn’t able to reproduce a lockup. However, I do know that we shouldn’t have an Edit Commands screen for a Somfy device. We will have to remove that.

At this time, you have to create a new shade device (and re-pair it) in order to take advantage of the slider feature. (Before public launch, we will add the ability to enable/disable slider in the device settings for existing shades.)