Supported smart blind products?

I’m looking to make my existing roller shades automated and would love to use my Bond for that purpose. Can someone provide a list of manufacturers that will be supported by Bond?

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I too would like to add my shades to my home automation system as well…Hoping for this to be added soon!

I really would like Bond to consider having an integration for blinds in Smarthings and Homekit, right now just supporting on off toggle switch, all we need is separate up and down button.

We have an integration for blinds in SmartThings: if you’ve got Somfy RTS blinds or blinds without rolling codes and in our supported frequency range, they should work with the Bond Bridge. Then they’re exposed as a simple switch in SmartThings. Here’s a short demo aimed at people getting started with SmartThings: SmartThings demo

As for Homekit, there’s this Homebridge plugin that’s in pretty active development but doesn’t support shades/blinds just yet:

We’re also working on something internally to provide some of this functionality, we’ll have more to say on this pretty soon.

That doesn’t really work with Sheer blinds where you you could have multiple positions like all the way up, all the way down and see thru. right now in smarthings and home-bridge, bond emulate a on off toggle switch which cannot be activate 2 time. you would need to emulate 2 button one that goes up(on) and one down(off). example, if my blind are all the way up and i want them all the way down and not see thru, i need to push 2 time off, but with a toggle switch you cannot press 2 times off. when the switch is set to off, cannot do off command again.
i believe it will be easy for a smarthing programmer to make a device handler that create a virtual blind controller, where on mean up and off mean down and be able to push multiple time on same button.

Ah, I see your meaning now. Right, this would need to be done on the SmartThings side. If such a controller exists, we can expose it. It does make sense for most shades/blinds.

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Sounds like you’d need more than just Open, Close, and Preset actions available now for Shades. No?