Bond App - slider not reflecting correct position

Bond Bridge Pro - firmware v3.20.1 (using Ethernet)
Bond App v2.48.0
Somfy Sonesse 50 (I think) roller shades (13 total)

I can’t seem to get the Bond app’s slider position to correctly reflect the position of the blinds. I went through the calibration process during setup of each blind. I even re-ran the calibration on some of the blinds. After doing the “Stop timer when blind is fully open” thingy, and then I move the slider, it will only move the blind and the slider stays as fully open. If I move the slider to some position again, the blind will fully open, pause for a few seconds, then move close to the position I set on the slider. The slider just doesn’t seem to be useful. Or in the odd time where it does move the blind, the blind will be 50% closed, but the slider will show something like 95% open. The “Virtual Remote” seems to do a better job at moving the blind where I want it, but then it is also not reflected in the slider. Is this typical behavior or am I doing something very wrong? Also, all of my blinds worked perfectly with the physical remotes that came with them. Bridge communication seems to be good, but positioning the shades is just hit or miss…mostly miss. I find myself wanting to go back to the physical remotes. Any suggestions?

Thanks for reporting spotty performance of the “slider” control of Somfy RTS motors. We will check on it.

Typically the slider works pretty well, but it will not be happy if you have used the factory remote in the meantime.

Note that for RTS, there are no “set position %” commands on the RF protocol (to our knowledge). So we do dead-reckoning inside the Bridge. After several times changing the %, the shade may be commanded to move totally to one rail, pause, and then move to the desired position, due to compounding uncertainty.

If the slider isn’t working right, you can always disable it. Device > Settings > Advanced > Edit Controller > disable the option for "set position".

Thanks for the reply. I don’t really want to go back to the physical remotes, I just meant that if I have to fiddle with the slider for several minutes, just to get the blind into a desired position, it would be much faster for me to just do it with the physical remote. But I see how switching back and forth could cause issues with the app not knowing the actual position.

the shade may be commanded to move totally to one rail

Does totally to one rail mean all the way open or close? I do see that occasionally when using the slider.

Yes. Open…delay…Close…Stop (at the desired %).