Setting up new fan - in ANY room

Tells me I’m already using a device in that room (No matter what unused room I choose or what new room I make up).
! No I’m NOT. Cant figure this one out.
I’ve only 9 dervices configured total. updatedd to newest firmware.

Hey @Eddiek - welcome to the forums.

In case the Bond staff come through here and see this thread before you get help via either of the two methods I’ll mention at the end, can you:
a) share what the first two characters of your Bond Bridge’s serial are?
b) and when you say “latest firmware”, can you confirm here if you’re using the Stable or Beta channel, and list what exact version you’re seeing as the current one installed on your Bridge?
(Quick Edit (c)): confirm you are using Bond Home app (not the legacy Bond app), and list what version you see in the bottom of the Settings menu in the Bond Home app


Meanwhile, the Bond staff have mentioned in the past that a quicker way to get assistance may be available through the app itself (Help Center → Chat with Support), or by opening a ticket through an email to . The staff do come here as time permits, but it may not always be the fastest turn around time.

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App Version 2.46.0
Model BD-1000
FW Version 3.14.1
Thanks for any help !!!

Beta for my ZZs seem to be at 3.12.7-beta. I would move one to stable and see if I can replicate but I don’t see a quick way to set firmware beta vs stable channel preference at the Bridge level, just the account level.

@merck - anything odd being reported with stable 3.14.1 with regards to database / device limits?

@eddiek A screenshot of the error and your My Devices screen would help.

@residualimages Yeah there’s no Bridge-level channel option. You’d have to change the channel to stable for the app, then just update the Bridge(s) that you want to update to stable.

Good point. Did that on one Bridge, and was able to add a new (IR) fan device without issue to an existing room.
But that 3.14.1 Stable FW Bridge only has (now) 4 devices, so it’s not quite 1:1 with @Eddiek 's scenario.

Can you try using a different device name?
Having devices with the same name would be a mess with integrations, so we force not allowing you have, for example, two devices called Ceiling fan, no matter if one is in the Bedroom and other in the Hall.

Try setting the new fan name as “[Room name] fan”, for example, “Hall fan”, and see if you have the same issue, please.

Hope it helps :slight_smile:

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