Two fans on same bridge, but only one device?

I have a user of my integration that has two identical fans programmed through the same Bond Bridge. He did mention that he had to do some changes to jumper setting in the RF remotes and such to get them programmed into the Bond Bridge. If you look in the Bond mobile app, you can see one Bond Bridge and the two fans: “Sun Room Fan” and “Master Fan”, as shown below:

However, if you look at the Bond Bridge Settings for the bridge, it only shows associated with one (1) device:

Also, when you call the /v2/devices endpoint for the bridge, it only returns one device:
2020-03-10 14:29:11,404 [Controller] [DEBUG] HTTP response code: 200 data: {"_":"ad894920","1c7e9b54":{"_":"6aaeed93"}}
Should this be possible? I would expect two devices to be returned for the /v2/devices API and for the Bond Bridge Settings to show the bridge associated with 2 devices.

Is this a lingering effect / case of 1 is in the cloud and 1 is local, @jacob?

Just to add additional info, the Device Settings pages for the two fans show the same Bond ID (the bridge), but otherwise looks very different:
For the Sun Room Fan (the one that works with the integration):

For the Master Fan (the one that does not show up in the integration):

But it seems if the mobile app could determine there were two devices, we should be able to determine through the API that there were two devices, right?

The user deleted the Master Fan and then set it up again, and it now has a Device ID and is showing up in the integration. So no rush on this one. But, again, it’s weird he could control the fan through the mobile app, but yet it wasn’t showing up as a device in the API?

@kingwr, @residualimages is right. This was a lingering effect of devices created before we took the devices offline inside the Bridge. The old devices were actually in the cloud and not working with the Local API. As you see, newly created devices are all local. — Part of the growing pains from black-box consumer product to a pro-sumer product with an API. Sorry about that!

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Thanks for the reply. I will let people know they have to repair in these circumstances.