V3.3.1-beta for All Bridges

Today we’ve released an updated beta firmware, now available for all Bridges, not just Bond Bridge Pro.

Major new feature is Groups, as outlined here: V3.1.0-beta for Bond Bridge Pro

v3.3.1 includes a number of bugfixes beyond v3.1.0, plus support for Sidekick on Bond Bridge Pro.


I am not seeing the update despite having beta channel selected in the bond app. I am stuck on v2.29.2.1-beta

Same here, Beta channel, no update from v2.29.2-1 beta

For BD-1000, is it only for ZZ revision Bridges, or all Bridges even with A and B serial numbers?

Not working on mine either.

Same here, Im not seeing the update despite having beta channel selected in the bond app. I am stuck on v2.29.2.1-beta

I’m not seeing it for my regular bridge

If it’s of any use, I was able to apply the Beta firmware update, now running 3.3.1 on a ZZ revision bridge.

I noticed the Blue light setting was set back to being on. Would be nice if that remained off when upgrading. Not a big deal though, easy enough to turn it back off.

I was able to setup a group with two Somfy shades in it and operate them together. Nice work. Much prefer that to having to program them manually with the remote.

It’s says, “now available for all Bridges”. Hopefully Bond can keep their word on this.

I’m sure they have and will make every effort to live up to this, but this firmware is also Beta, so let’s cut them some slack and allow them / us to work through the testing process. If it doesn’t work on some people’s bridges for reasons not present in their development setup, this is the time to find out and adjust the communications to the broader userbase.

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now available for all Bridges

:man_facepalming:. What I meant is available for Bond Bridge (2nd-generation) and Bond Bridge Pro. We have not manufactured the 1st-generation Bridge in over 3 years, so I finally forgot to qualify that.

TBH, we were not planning on releasing v3 for the 1st-generation Bridge at all, but we are checking now if we can at least get it out in the beta channel for those early adopters here who got one of the 1st-generation units from back when we were in M.V.P. mode :slight_smile: – Will let you know how it goes.


Thank you for trying to get atleast a beta to 1st gen.

I recently got a 2nd gen bridge to replace my perfectly working 1st gen to have support for Allen Roth shades templates. I tried to take a backup from 1st gen and apply it to 2nd gen but it keeps erroring out with “missing content-length” Any suggestion on how to resolve this? Or do i have to move all devices manually?

Do the shade groups get exposed to homeassistant in any form? Got my shades to group but don’t see them in HA.

The blue light reverts to being turned on each time I restart the bridge, even though I adjust the setting in the app and it takes effect on the bridge, i.e. I see the light turn off. Not sure if it’s a beta firmware issue or something separate…

@merck Are there any updates on getting “total offline” mode in the v3 firmware? Thanks!

@ranga @Keithdigital @Eg2430 @edramski @Chadsturgill — As of this morning, v3 beta is now available for 1st-generation Bond Bridge (serial numbers starting with A or B, affectionately known as “snowbird”). I’m also running one 1st-generation Bridge at home, so I’m pleased about this too. Please note that we have not done nearly the QA testing on this build for 1st-gen hardware as for the 2nd-gen hardware, so ymmv.

Weird. Thanks for the report, will check on this end.

I believe that error is caused by the HTTP server on your phone. I thought we fixed this, but maybe the issue has re-occurred. A workaround may be to try the other operating system (Android vs iOS). Will check here to see what may be going on. [Backup Bond Configuration - #46 by merck]


As we’ve just released the beta, Home Assistant developers have not yet had a chance to work with the new Groups API. One of our team (@marcio) did take a look at what it would take. Seems that there’s a limiting factor in how HA deals with the Bridges as separate objects. We need a way to have HA consider the Group shards with the same id on different Bridges to actually be the same Group object.

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Done, in v3.3.3. Updated on linked thread.

Not working well with this version. I have 2 X Hunter Heated ceiling fans and had to create custom entries for them. They both error out and now after 3.3.3 the bond has stopped working all together after adding another remote just to test it out. I’m sure a reboot will restore it to operational but the heated fans got the error in the UI despite working until after I added the remote to test. Now none of them are working.

Running a Snowbird AJ serial Bond Home