SetPosition error (HomeSeer integration)

I added SetPosition to my integration, the user reported the error while the shades are still moving and he tries to change the position:

Execute(sync)'PUT' {State} [ ({"argument":81})]: The remote server returned an error: (500) Internal Server Error. [wex.response = {"_error_id":612,"_error_msg":"BondScript Transmit Failed"} ] [wex.Status = ProtocolError]​

Hmmm…? No replies?

“BondScript Transmit Failed”

Can you share the full 64-bit device ID? It’s hidden with an ellipsis.

It’s the user reported, I don’t have the Somfy myself. Will ask him.

Where can the user find it?

In Device Settings. It’s usually longer than in the example below.

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Are you sure the device does have the SetPosition action available?
Knowing the Bond and Device ID allows us to understand the issue better.

Feel free to send this info in DM.

Obviously, as I said - the error happens only when the shades are still moving, otherwise it works fine.
And I create the SetPosition control only if the action is available.

Regarding device ID - the user hasn’t replied, I’ll ping him again.

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The user replied his ID: 169d2af1480215a3