API For Shade Position

I see Open and Close commands, but is there anyway to set the shades to a specific shade position or is it just open/close?

At this time it’s just Open/Close that’s portable to all shades. The Somfy RTS shades also support a “set to My favorite position” via the “Preset” action, but sadly their protocol doesn’t support specifying a position via RF.

As soon as there’s some shade that supports setting position as, say, a percentage over the RF protocol we would add the appropriate Feature!

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I just created my own thread on this, but is there any update on this?

We are actively working on a SetPosition option for Somfy RTS. No firm release date, but it is a near term priority. (We’ve got it working internally, but need to make quality improvements before we can really stand behind it.)

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Excellent, thanks for letting me know. Look forward to making use of it.

From my post on a similar thread, have tested this on my Hubitat hub and works perfectly, thanks.


@dman2306 did you develop your own “SetPosition” emulation? If so, that’s great! You beat us to it…

I can’t take the credit. Someone submitted a pull request to my integration with hubitat!


Any update on this? Would love to be able to set shade percentage.

Yes! We have a SetPosition option for Somfy RTS on the Bond Bridge Pro BD-1750-PRO. We are also coming out with a SetPosition option for Rollease shades, to be released in a beta today. The Somfy RTS uses deadreckoning, but it’s pretty good.

Glad to hear!!

Any reason why it requires bond pro (I have the old bond home)? Does bondpro have some new hardware that’s required for this?

Also any plans to surface this set position functionality in the mobile apps?

It’s launched. If you have SetPosition on the API, you get a vertical slider in the app.

Yes, Bond Bridge Pro is a new hardware design.