API For Shade Position

I see Open and Close commands, but is there anyway to set the shades to a specific shade position or is it just open/close?

At this time it’s just Open/Close that’s portable to all shades. The Somfy RTS shades also support a “set to My favorite position” via the “Preset” action, but sadly their protocol doesn’t support specifying a position via RF.

As soon as there’s some shade that supports setting position as, say, a percentage over the RF protocol we would add the appropriate Feature!

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I just created my own thread on this, but is there any update on this?

We are actively working on a SetPosition option for Somfy RTS. No firm release date, but it is a near term priority. (We’ve got it working internally, but need to make quality improvements before we can really stand behind it.)

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Excellent, thanks for letting me know. Look forward to making use of it.

From my post on a similar thread, have tested this on my Hubitat hub and works perfectly, thanks.


@dman2306 did you develop your own “SetPosition” emulation? If so, that’s great! You beat us to it…

I can’t take the credit. Someone submitted a pull request to my integration with hubitat!