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I am both a Bond user and an owner of a Hubitat hub, having successfully integrated my Somfy motorised roller blinds. I recently installed some outdoor awnings that also included Somfy motors and have successfully incorporated these into both my Bond bridge and Hubitat hub through the Hubitat community Bond driver. My question is, can the “my” position command that is available through the Bond App be accessed through the Bond API, i.e. by the Hubitat driver? My understanding was this was not the case, but am keen to find out as it would be useful for my new awnings where fully opening / closing is not really what I am after.


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I second that request!

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Although it’s not on the documentation, the Action is called Preset and works today for Somfy RTS shades.


Great, thanks for the update. Have asked the developer of the HE drivers if he can work on getting this included in the driver.


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Great work pushing this along mate. Also long time no speak I hope your doing well :slight_smile:

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No worries. Good to hear from you again, hope you are well.

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I just tested some updated Bond drivers for my HE hub, from the Bond thread on the HE forum. I was able to make use of the new Preset option to set my awnings to the position I want. Great work!!

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Is it possible for the corresponding state object “open” to reflect the “Preset” (My Position) command too?

At the moment open returns 0 for closed and 1 for open, but no differentiation for the Preset command (it still returns 1).

I understand that technically the blind is “half open” so returning 1 is correct (although it could be argued that it’s also “half closed” so returning 0 would also be correct).

Returning something different (perhaps “2”) would allow third party integrations to track the My Position too.

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We are working on an implementation of SetPosition that can take any percentage value. This we believe will be much more useful than the single “favorite position”. It will be available on the Bond Bridge Pro.

But, you do have a point. If the Preset action is called, we should set open := 1. In terms of privacy, you’d prefer to think of this as blinds open than blinds shut. I’ve made a note internally for us to consider this.

Hey there,

Thanks for the quick reply!

It already does this :slight_smile:

My request was to make it return something different i.e. “2” to indicate that it’s at the “My” position or has been “stopped” partially open / closed…

Alternatively if (ab)using the “open” property for this isn’t appropriate, perhaps a different property could be added, for example “position” - closed / opened / partially opened.

My use case for this is so that I can make a best guess at whether a blind has been manually positioned. I use the position / strength of the sun to lower and raise blinds as the sun moves around the house.

So for example if the blind has been fully opened in the morning on schedule, as the sun moves onto that window I move the blind to the My position to give some shade (My position has been set relative to the sun position for the room).

But I only do that if the blind hasn’t been manually positioned in the meantime (by App / Alexa). Having the My position state returned either as “open = 2” (or some other property) would allow me to track that.

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