RT8220A Remote 3 State Toggle

Hi I have a fireplace that uses a Honeywell RT8220A remote. I have been able to get my Bond Hub to toggle ON the fireplace, I can’t seem to toggle it off. The RT8220A remote uses 1 button for 3 different states Off/On/Auto and it seem to need multiple presses to get to each state, first you press it to get into the change state, then you press it again to change state, and when you get to the state you want you leave it there for a second and the fireplace responds. This seems to be the action needed for almost any button on the report, press a button, then press the same button or another button to do an action.

Does anyone have any experience trying to get the Bond to behave like this? I’m feeling like I need to maybe customize the setting of the toggle somehow but I am unsure.


Solving that requires figuring out where that toggling is taking place — is the remote sending a different signal for each button press? or is it always sending a “button 1” signal and the fireplace is cycling state. If the former, then you should be able to carefully record each signal. If the latter, then it’s doomed without knowledge of discrete codes. (This is the age-old question of TOAD vs DUDE.)

Thinking aloud, perhaps some PC-based application could be crafted to help users craft the raw-recorded signals. Would not be as easy as the mobile app but could be helpful in these scenarios. Still couldn’t do rolling code without writing Lua code though. — But IDK that we are up for maintaining a PC program (Windows installers?)… but maybe a python program could happen.