Remote sipar shutters

Hey. I want to buy the device for electric shutters from sipar The shutters only work on a remote control at frequency 433.92 Can the device learn the remote control of the shutter? The remote has three buttons open, closed, middle

Very likely will work, but hard to tell. Helps if you post a photo of front and back of the remote.

It is 2 remotes one with 4 channels for controlling 4 shutters and the other remote is for one shutter

If I open and photograph them will it help?

Looks like Palmat brand has a similar offering in the EU.

Just to try to help you and the Bond staff, I’ve looked around a bit and haven’t found the FCC ID or documentation about the protocol used for those motors.
Likely what you’ve provided is enough to help the Bond folks, as they don’t usually ask us to open any remotes.

Edit: it might also be marketed under the Alpha / Wistar brand.
Possible FCC match for single channel remote / possible FCC match for multi-chann remote
If these FCC records are a match, they are “rolling code” per the associated documentation.

Possible match

A different thread about Alpha Shades 433.92 Mhz says that these will likely not be able to be supported by Bond unless Alpha / Wistar / Palmat / Sipar works with Bond development directly to enable.


So I guess I have no solution right now?

Yep, the photo of the front of the remote looks very similar to the Alpha remote I have. But good to have the topics linked now, if there is any progress on either then it will be good to know.

Nice job on tracking that down, Matt. We will definitely update if we have any movement on Alpha support.


Will the new version support our remote?

Not yet. Sadly no ETA.

Sorry for the jump but there is a chance it will work with these remotes

Sorry, no movement on Alpha motors. Any interested people should tell their brands (SIPAR, Alpha, etc.) that they are interested in Bond integration.

Those brands are just reselling from a chinese brand. They likely have to ask the chinese manufacturer to work with bond. (very unlikely to happen I think) These are the FCC filings for all the alpha shade/other brands from the original manufacturer Hangzhou Wistar Mechanical & Electric Technology Co.,Ltd. FCC ID Applications (XFC) .

Only way to a solution is it the bond home guys can reverse engineer the pairing mode of the rolling codes or the algorithm. :confused: