Help - old patio awning

I recently purchased a home that included a patio awning from Alpha Productions - I called manufacturer and they said it was a proprietary system that they had as remote does not have a fcc id. Not sure what my options are. When I tried for bond to learn remote it said 433.930 as frequency. See attached for photo of remote

If there is more info anyone needs to help me out let me know

Have you tried setting up as a Somfy or Alpha shade / roof / screen / awning?

There are a number to try in the Bond app under the Add Device workflow, but I find it unlikely that they would design & manufacturer a complete transmitter, receiver, and motor system instead of just ‘rebranding’ an existing one.

Is any part of the motor assembly visible, since the remote is so unmarked?

Thanks so much for the suggestions. I just added it sort of successfully as a “generic device”. Only challenge is that the buttons are power on and off instead of open close. - is there a way to edit that ?

If you care about Voice Assistant commands, I believe (but cannot confirm) that you need to keep them as On / Off.
If you care more about how the Bond app shows them, you can leverage some tricks via command line / terminal on a computer to use Bond’s API to rename the buttons / commands.