Alpha Shades 433.92 Mhz (Australia)


I recently purchased a battery powered Alpha motor for a roller blind and am having trouble setting it up on my Bond bridge.


Type: RF @ 433.92 MHz
Brand: Alpha
Model: RE302

Bond Bridge
Model: BD-1000
Bond ID: ZZxxxxxx
Firmware: 2.15.8

When I try to add the remote as a generic device my Bond bridge appears to learn / detect the button press ok, blinking green, but I cannot control the roller blind from the bond bridge / app. If it is of any use a couple of times I did notice the frequency detected by the bridge was slightly different, i.e. 433.xx where xx may vary.


Same issue here. Any luck at finding a solution?

No, I plan to contact Bond support, just haven’t got around to it. Happy for you to get in touch with them if you want.

First time we’ve seen this one. Too bad it doesn’t just work with the raw-recording.

It might be Somfy RTS under-the-hood. So, try the “Somfy” option and see if that just works.

If not, it might be a different kind of rolling-code, which means we need to specifically develop for it. That would take an undefined amount of time.


Here is the remote I’m using:

It appears to advertise “The Alpha remote control system applies a 66 rolling code program with 268 million possible combinations which virtually eliminates any chance of programming duplication.”

I’m assuming that would mean it’s not compatible with Bond?

I’m assuming that would mean it’s not compatible with Bond?

Sadly, you’re right.

Eventually we may be able to add support for this, but honestly it’s not on our near-term roadmap.

We’d love to open this up and allow the community to write drivers, but we’re not there yet.

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Fyi, this is the fcc filing for this remote. Alpha is just a rebrand

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Thanks. We’re taking a look into this now. However the prospects are not good. It not only has a counter and prevents replay attacks, but also has some obfuscation of the rest of the packet. Could be as secure a as a garage door rolling code. Anyways… if we solve it, we will let you know for sure.

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Hi, it is possible to connect multiple remotes by pairing them together. By putting the remote in the clone mode. Is it possible to ‘fake’ this copy mode on the bond bridge and that way pair it as a new remote?

For Alpha shades? No. Alpha shades use a rolling code which protects against replay attacks. That means that a cloned signal will be ignored if it was already processed by the receiver in the motor. Will require us to reverse the rolling code.

Thanks for looking into it.

I’d love to make a donation and buy a bond home if this would be possible.

Any chance for solution?

Hi Dima, Unfortunately after looking into it, Alpha support is not something we will be able to offer in the near future.

I would encourage anyone who wants to see Alpha+Bond support to reach out to Alpha motors and explain very kindly that you’d like to see this integration happen. That could help make it happen :slight_smile: .

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