Random turning on and off of lights

This is something that only started recently. I have several ceiling fans with lights on my Bond device, and they worked ok for a while now, but in the last 3-4 days the lights seem to turn on randomly at all hours of the day (and mostly noticeable at night) What gives?

I would suspect the v1.138 firmware, but when it happen last night at 3 am, it prompted me to upgrade to it, leading me to think it was some other version - and it happen since the update.

Is there any log as to what triggered the switch?

Also - possibly related, but been happening for a while - having the bond device in the bedroom in last few months I notice that the device seems to reboot (or put on some random light show, which I assume is a reboot) many times a night, sometimes every hour or so. What is that all about?

Regarding lights turning on/off — We have had several users report this, and so far it has always been related to integrations like IFTTT gone wrong. Yes there are server logs that can pin down where the signal is coming from, and customer service can help you with that if you let them know the time range of when the problem occurred, and what timezone you are in. customerservice@bondhome.io

Regarding the BOND rebooting spontaneously — that would be the “Auto Reboot on Wi-Fi Failure” feature kicking in. The BOND will reboot to reconnect to the server if it detects a loss of connection for more than 3 minutes. The connection loss seems to be often related to DHCP lease renewal failing, and it can be worked-around by increasing the “DHCP Lease Time” on your router to 24 hours, so the BOND would only reboot once per day.

Since bond does not offer direct access to logs (I will reach out to customer support) it is hard to tell what is happening, but IFTTT sounded like a good clue, and they do offer logs. That said, their logs show no activity during those times.

As for DHCP reboot, I am not sold that is what it is - the lease time is already set to 24 hours (86400) - which should lead to at minimum of 12 hours between DHCP renewals, but I sometimes see this thing reboot multiple times a night, which does not seem to align. And it is not like it is for lack of signal, the bond device literally sits an inch from the Google Wifi AP :frowning: Perhaps this is also something customer service may see in the logs…

(It sure would be nice if we could see our own device’s logs directly, like most of these sorts of services offer)