Fan light going on every day in the evening & losing tracked state

Hi all, I have a Bond Bridge and several fans and fan lights that are programmed into the hub via their remotes. This has worked with limited issues for a year, but lately one fan light will lose its tracked state every night in the evening (I haven’t figured out the exact time or if it’s at the same time every night, but I suspect it is). To fix, I’ll have to fix the tracked state in the app and save. I have restarted the hub, set the IP to be the static in my router (Orbi) and moved it away from other hubs/my router and the issue still happens. Firmware is on the latest version - 2.14.5.

I used to have IFTT integration but I have removed all of them (they were via Nest prior to the move over to Google). I do have a homebridge set up to get Bond into Homekit, that has one automation (setting a fan light in my office on when Hue lights in my office turn on). This automation works well. The automation does not include the fan light that goes on/loses tracked state I mentioned above, which is in another room. I also have integrated with Google Home, but there’s no automations.

Any ideas what’s going on or how to fix?

Hi @myormark,

I’m one of the iOS developers and will try to help you.

On the latest app version (2.26.1) we added the Usage History feature.
This screen shows all the Bond actions and its requestor. You can find it on the Settings tab for the iOS app and on the hamburger menu (bottom left icon) for the Android app.

Can you check this screen for any unexpected actions and its requestor? This can help us to understand what is happening.

Thanks in advance!

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Thanks for your reply @endy . I use iOS. As expected, last night, the light went on again without interaction. What’s interesting is that there was nothing listed under Usage History in the app, it was blank. I checked usage history prior to the light going on and it was empty then as well, so whatever the error is, it’s not being logged in the app. I looked in the Bond app after the light turned on and state was wrong, as per usual.

So out of curiosity, I went into the Google Home app to try and trigger the light (state matched what was showing in the Bond app, showing as “off” even though it was on, so I fixed the light state in the Bond app) and when it was triggered, I see “Master Fan: turn light on Google Assistant.” So Google Assistant is logging usage correctly as far as I can see. When I test turning the light on/off via the Bond app, nothing gets logged in the Usage History section. Is this expected behavior?

I scrubbed through my entire home automation set up integrations and there is nothing that includes the Master Fan light that would automatically turn it on or off, so it’s not an errant automation.

What should my next step be?

Hi @myormark!

Sorry to hear that the Usage History is not working as expected for you. After using the app to perform any action (like turning the light on/off) you should see it on the Usage History after a few seconds. You can pull to refresh this screen too.
We made some fixes and released a new beta app version (2.26.2) that should make the Usage History work as expected.

There are some other tests that we can try to funnel the possibilities, but I believe that the Usage History can help a lot on this, so I would like to ask you to install the 2.26.2 and share what is showing there.

If you are not in the Beta program, this link contains all the instructions for it:
We also have a Forum category for the Beta program and one specific for the iOS beta.

Please let me know if you need any help to get the app beta version or aren’t comfortable with this.

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