Power fluctuations cause Bridge to become unresponsive

When we have a power fluctuations at the house, e.g. from thunderstorms, my Bond Bridge will frequently become unresponsive. Don’t know if it’s just dropping the Wifi and not reconnecting, or if the hardware itself is locking up. The unit has to be power cycled to bring it back online. Is there a log that can reviewed to determine the problem?

There is a watchdog mechanism that is supposed to cause the Bond to reboot and re-establish internet connection in case of lost connectivity for 3 minutes (or for 10min after boot).

That watchdog can be disabled through the API, so perhaps you should check that the Watchdog is not disabled:


Sorry, this setting is not available in the V2 app, so you need to use the API.

The watchdog is not disabled. The time is set to 3 minutes (180000 ms).