Bond dropping connection to WiFi

My Bond Bridge has been actiing very flaky since Friday. I did two thing on Firday:

  1. I upgraded my router from OpenWRT 19.0.7 to 21.0.2
  2. I upgraded my Bond Home to firmware

Since these two events happened, my Bond will randoml disconnect from my WiFi and bring up it’s own wireless network. If I reboot the Bond, then it connects the WiFi and just works. But eventually it stops working and the Bond is sitting there with it’s own wireless network.

Has anyone seen anything like this?

I’d love to factory reset the Bond, but I don’t have working batteries for any of the remote the Bond replaced, and one of the remotes is broken. So, that’s not possible without spending somem money.

Has anyone seen this with the latest firmware or with the latest OpenWRT?

You could try via the app to “change networks” (Bridge → Advanced → Network Info) after messing with the WiFi channels on the router?

There are manual backup and restore options now in the app (I think even in the public channel vs just the beta channel) so even a factory reset is fairly recoverable even if you don’t have the original remotes to re-record now.

Please try the BETA channel (Settings > Firmware Channel > Beta, then Bridge > Firmware Update). We’ve fixed this problem in the BETA firmware, which we will be releasing publicly this week.